My first computer was the Amiga 600 HD, but I didn’t have a hard disk at the time and only had a measly 0.5 MB of RAM. My initial purchases were PC games due to the 3.5-inch diskettes, which were not double-density, but HD for PC (286, 386, 486). However, I soon acquired an external floppy disk drive, so I wouldn’t have to switch disks so frequently.
After a while, I also bought an internal 2.5-inch hard disk drive and stored all my games on it. I spent considerable time exploring the Amiga OS Workbench to learn about its capabilities.
Before long, I started earning my first income by using Deluxe Paint to create animations and graphics.
Later, I started using the Amiga Scala software to design content for local TV companies, and that was just the beginning – I was only 13 years old!

My first computer played a transformative role in my life, profoundly impacting my future. In 1998, I purchased a Pentium 2 MMX with Windows ME and started playing much better games, even reaching the top world list in Age of Empires II multiplayer.
At that time, my monthly internet bill was never less than $1,000; one year later, I received a flat-rate DSL internet connection, a game-changer. I set up my mIRC server and had many users, then later on; I created my MySpace page and my first website on Homestead. That started my web design journey, and I learned HTML and JavaScript. Back then, JavaScript was only used for simple applications, but now, it is one of the most severe programming languages, especially with the addition of TypeScript.

After 20 years, it’s not hard to imagine the level of skills I have acquired. The Amiga 600 HD holds a special place in my life, and I will always try to write about it. It’s unfortunate that the Amiga didn’t find success, but that’s a separate matter from the impact it had on me as a child.

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