Generate Hydrogen with Saltwater

A team of experts from Australia, China, and the USA has discovered a revolutionary way to produce hydrogen from saltwater using an innovative electrolyzer.
This breakthrough tackles one of the significant hurdles in obtaining green hydrogen, a vital element in the energy transition. Traditional electrolysis often requires vast amounts of fresh water, a scarce resource in regions rich in solar energy.

Tao Ling led the team that designed an electrode of nanostructured cobalt oxide covered with a thin layer of chromium oxide. This design enables electron pairs to stick to the Lewis acid, facilitating the formation of hydroxyl groups and reducing the impact of chloride ions. Consequently, the electrolyzer generates hydrogen from seawater without pre-treatment, making it a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

The team conducted laboratory tests, and the results were impressive, showing high efficiency. The next step is to enhance the system’s stability and performance. The team published their findings in the journal Nature Energy.

Have you come across this new way of generating hydrogen from saltwater? Is this innovation likely to help solve the clean energy production challenge in regions with limited fresh water?

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