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In 1985, Commodore revolutionized the computer industry by releasing the Amiga. The system quickly gained popularity and became widely used for gaming, video editing, and other creative pursuits. The Amiga earned recognition for its advanced graphics and sound, enabling developers to create games with stunning graphics and captivating soundscapes. This article delves into the 16 games that define the Amiga and showcase the capabilities of Commodore’s classic computer.

1. The Settlers


In 1993, “The Settlers” was released as a real-time strategy game with complex resource management and settlement construction mechanics. The game earns recognition as one of the finest strategy games and continues to hold popularity among fans.

2. Sensible World of Soccer

Sensible World of Soccer
Sensible World of Soccer

Fans quickly fell in love with Pinball Dreams, an arcade-style pinball game released in 1992, for its realistic and challenging gameplay. Pinball Dreams boasts accurate ball physics, vibrant graphics, and varied table designs, making it a popular game among fans.

3. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

monkey island
monkey island

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, released in 1991, was a sequel to the popular adventure game Monkey Island. With its witty storytelling and challenging puzzles, the game earned recognition as one of the greatest adventure games ever and remains a timeless classic loved by fans.

4. Pang


Use your reflexes and strategy to defeat an array of balloons in Pang, a fast-paced and challenging arcade game released in 1989. Regarded as one of the best arcade games of all time, Pang remains popular today.

5. Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe


Fans widely regard Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe as one of the best sports games ever. The game, released in 1990, is a sequel to the original Speedball and is known for its fast-paced and intense gameplay.

6. Lemmings


Guide a group of lemmings from one side of the screen to the other in 1991’s classic puzzle game, Lemmings. Use tools and abilities to navigate obstacles and dangers in this addictive game known for its colorful graphics and memorable soundtrack.

7. Elite

elite amiga

Elite was a seminal space trading and combat simulator released in 1984. The game was one of the first to offer an open-ended, sandbox-style experience, allowing players to explore a vast universe and engage in trade and combat with other ships. The game was a critical and commercial success and is considered one of the greatest video games ever.

8. Lotus Turbo Challenge

Lotus Turbo Challenge

Lotus Turbo Challenge, released in 1990, is known for its high-speed action, precise controls, and demanding tracks across various environments. The game becomes a massive hit and earns the title of one of the best racing games.

9. Turrican


A popular action-platformer released in 1990, “Turrican” puts players in control of a cyborg warrior on a mission to save the world from an evil empire. With its fast-paced action, detailed graphics, and memorable soundtrack, “Turrican” remains a beloved classic among fans of the genre and is widely regarded as one of the best side-scrolling action games ever.

10. Moonstone: A Hard Day’s Knight

Moonstone A Hard Days Knight

In 1992, “Moonstone: A Hard Day’s Knight” was released as a medieval-themed action role-playing game for the Amiga. Players control one of four knights on a quest to retrieve the legendary Moonstone and face a unique blend of real-time combat and strategy elements. Its innovative game design, stunning graphics, and unforgettable soundtrack have made “Moonstone” a timeless classic among Amiga gamers.

“Moonstone” played a crucial role in shaping the MMORPG genre. Its innovative blend of real-time combat, character development, and open-world exploration paved the way for “World of Warcraft” and other popular MMORPGs. The game’s captivating story, immersive world, and challenging gameplay continue to influence modern MMORPGs.

With its challenging gameplay, deep story, and immersive world, “Moonstone: A Hard Day’s Knight” is a must-play for any fan of the Amiga or action role-playing games. Its legacy continues to inspire game developers to this day. In “Moonstone,” players must navigate through various challenging levels, battling against hordes of enemies and making choices that will determine the outcome of their journey. The game offers single-player and cooperative multiplayer modes, allowing players to experience the adventure with friends.

11. Pirates!


A strategy game set in the Caribbean, where players control a pirate as they try to become the most successful pirate in the seas.

12 . Pinball Dreams

Pinball Dreams
Pinball Dreams

A pinball simulation game featuring multiple tables with unique themes and challenging layouts.

13. Syndicate


In 1993, “Syndicate” releases for the Amiga, a dystopian cyberpunk-themed real-time tactical game. Players control a corporation aiming for global domination and use a team of agents for missions and competitor elimination. The game blends strategy, simulation, and action elements, giving players the cutthroat experience of corporate espionage and control. Its innovative design, immersive world, and memorable soundtrack make “Syndicate” a classic among Amiga gamers and a landmark in the real-time strategy genre.

14. Sid Meier’s Civilization

Sid Meiers Civilization

Turn-based strategy game released for the Amiga in 1991. The game challenges players to build and manage a civilization, starting from the ancient era and advancing through the modern age. Players must make strategic decisions on resource allocation, diplomacy, and military strategy, to become the dominant civilization on the game map.

If you’re a fan of turn-based strategy games, “Sid Meier’s Civilization” and its latest iteration, “Civilization VI,” are must-plays. Since its release, “Civilization” has become one of the most iconic and influential strategy games ever, spawning multiple sequels and spin-off titles. The latest installment, “Civilization VI,” was released in 2016 and continues to receive positive reviews for its deep gameplay, challenging AI opponents, and engaging single-player and multiplayer modes.

14 . Dune 2


“Dune 2” revolutionized the real-time strategy genre in 1992 with its release for the Amiga. It remains an influential and beloved classic, setting the standard for future RTS games like “StarCraft” and “WarCraft.” Players control one of three factions in their quest to control the desert planet Arrakis and must gather resources, build structures, and lead armies to victory. The intricate storyline, challenging gameplay, and memorable soundtrack make it a timeless classic among Amiga gamers.

15. Sid Meier’s Colonization

Sid Meiers Colonization

A turn-based strategy game released in 1994, players take on the role of a European nation seeking to establish colonies in the New World and gain independence from the mother country. Players must manage resources, trade, diplomacy, and military strategy to succeed in their quest for independence. With its historically-accurate depiction of colonial America and challenging gameplay, this game remains a classic among strategy fans.

16. UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-COM: UFO Defense)

XCOM UFO Defense
XCOM UFO Defense

A turn-based tactical game released in 1994, players control a secret international organization tasked with defending Earth from alien invasions. Players manage base operations, research and development, and tactical missions to defeat the alien threat. With its deep gameplay, challenging difficulty, and memorable storyline, “UFO: Enemy Unknown” (also known as “X-COM: UFO Defense”) has earned a dedicated fanbase and is widely considered one of the greatest strategy games of all time.

16. Historyline 1914-1918


A turn-based strategy game released in 1992, “Historyline 1914-1918,” simulates the events of World War I. Players control one of the major powers of the time, managing diplomacy, resource management, and military strategy to achieve victory. With its intricate historical accuracy and challenging gameplay, “Historyline 1914-1918” remains a beloved classic among fans of strategy and war games.

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