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Netflix has removed an entry that details its account-sharing ban. Devices that do not log in to the home network every 31 days will be blocked, clearly stated in an updated support entry. The FAQ article received significant media attention as it first outlined how Netflix intends to tackle account sharing. However, Netflix has now reset the article to an earlier version.

The temporarily available version of the support entry that the reporting referred to is still accessible on the Internet Archive. The version now seen in the relevant Netflix support entry corresponds to an older version of the FAQ. It reflects Netflix’s current plans to strengthen its stance against account sharing but not its plans.

The reason for the entry being published and then deleted needs to be clarified. A Netflix spokesperson declined to comment on the possibly accidentally published information in a Twitter conversation but confirmed that stricter measures against account sharing are planned for the EU shortly. Currently, there are no indications that Netflix has changed its plans.

31-day Login Requirement

In the now-deleted version of the Netflix FAQ, the streaming service described its planned approach to account sharing: The how to say on Wi-Fi or LAN network at the primary location requires that all devices associated with an account log in regularly and stream Netflix content to prevent termination of access.

For example, if you do not use Netflix on your mobile for a month, you suddenly have a blocked device. According to the recently updated Netflix FAQ, the affected device will be blocked if this does not happen for 31 days. The FAQ needs to state how the block can be lifted clear.

A one-time login in the home how to say on Wi-Fi or LAN may be sufficient. On the road, you can request a time-limited code to use Netflix for seven consecutive days while traveling. Netflix has not yet written how often and at what intervals such regulations can be requested. To identify individual devices, Netflix evaluates IP addresses, device IDs, and account activities.

Implementation remains open

The approach described in the previous support entry would also adversely affect users who use the streaming service in compliance with its rules. To avoid device blocks, they must regularly connect all their playback devices to the home network.
For example, if you use Netflix on the TV and then travel with your tablet after a few months, you would have to log in to the device in your home how to say on Wi-Fi and briefly stream before traveling. Otherwise, you might travel with a blocked device.

The spontaneous changes to the Netflix FAQ can also indicate that the streaming service is still implementing the measures. How and when the restrictions will be enforced and how users will be affected remains to be seen.

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